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Travel advice

Ng’ona Lodge is situated 70km southwest of Blantyre. Only the last 18.5km are dirt road but usually in a very good condition the whole year round and can be driven by a normal car with some clearance.Exceptionally during heavy rains a 4x4 might be necessary, but there are always local people willingly assisting visitors should they get stuck in the mud (Adventure!)

Malaria advice

Ng’ona Lodge is directly on the Shire River and only about 100m above sea level. Mosquitos are common, especially during the hot and rainy season and visitors are advised to use mosquito repellant as soon as the sun goes down but also for very early morning bush walks or fishing. The chalets have mosquito nets and powerful fans which will assure you of a good night’s sleep without mosquito bites.

Other activities nearby

Richard Thornton’s grave (5 Min walk), Illovo Sugar Estate with Nyala Park (about 40min drive), Lengwe National Park, Crocodile Farm Bangula

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